“Heart warming hospitality in the rainforest”
Ann – Toronto, Canada

Amerindian Community Tourism in Guyana

villagecouncil_widerCommunity tourism in the North Rupununi means that your tourism dollars go directly into the communities to assist with development and conservation in the region. All communities own their own lands and manage and administer their own communities through their elected Village Councils, so tourists can be assured that their visits are making a difference.

Wildlife, rain forests, open savannas, big rivers, and a rich and thriving culture offer guests an opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime in a region that has largely been untouched by tourism. The hospitality of the Amerindians living in the North Rupununi cannot be matched and will make any visit very special and unique.

The people of the region are Amerindians of mostly the Makushi tribe who speak both Makushi and English. Wapishana and Patamona are also spoken in some communities.

Guests at Surama are welcome to visit the projects and Amerindian lodges below. Please ask in advance for assistance making your transportation arrangements.

Aranaputa Peanut Butter Factory

Aranaputa Peanut Butter Factory

Launched in 2005, the Aranaputa peanut butter factory is a locally-run cooperative, supplying its product to families, schools and lodges across the Rupununi, while providing employment for workers from the surrounding villages. Around 700 acres of Rupununi farmlands are dedicated to peanut cultivation.

Women’s Soap-Making Collective

Rewa Ecolodge

100% organic eco-friendly beauty products are an alternative means of livelihood for Amerindian women across the Rupununi. When you buy these products you are ensuring the conservation and preservation of the rain forests and you will be leaving a light carbon footprint for the next generation! Soaps which are handmade by the Patamona tribe of the Guyana in the deep Amazon jungle using the oil of the Crabwood tree infusing a secret recipe over 7000 years old.

Maipiama Eco-Lodge


Maipaima EcoLodge is nestled amidst the towering rainforests in the Kanuku foothills of central Guyana. A community-run project of Nappi Village, the EcoLodge is a secluded gem that offers hospitality, unspoiled nature, rich wildlife, a dizzying array of birds, and a chance to see the rarely-visited Jordan Falls. Website

Rewa Ecolodge

Rewa Ecolodge

Rewa is a good base for three or four days of rainforest and river exploration: numerous day hikes are available, as are fishing expeditions, canoe trips, birdwatching treks (a harpy eagle nest is regularly active in the area), and nature spotting expeditions of all sorts. Website