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Surama: News

Film to focus on preservation of Amerindian heritage

Conservation International, Iwokrama, and the people of Surama hope to promote the restoration and preservation of the Amerindian language and cultural heritage, through a groundbreaking film titled, Maira and her brother Mairun. The producers are crowdsourcing the final stages of project financing through IndieGogo.

Surama recognized by National Geographic Traveller

National Geographic Traveler counts Surama Eco-Lodge amongst the worlds best lodges in this year’s roundup of world-class accommodation… the first such distinction for a Guyana property and a tremendous endorsement of Guyana’s unique Amerindian style of Community Based Tourism!

Surama Featured in the Toronto Sun!

Surama, along with CATS partners Iwokrama Canopy Walkway and Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development and Wilderness Explorers are featured in Wednesday's Toronto Sun! Guyana interior is way off the beaten track BY DIANE [...]

Adam Rodriguez of CSI Miami visits Surama

Marissa Allicock and the entire Surama team made sure the crew of American visitors enjoyed their stay.

Surama featured in USAToday

Ask random people here what "drinking the Kool-Aid" means, and they mostly just shrug. Cult leader Jim Jones, who in 1978 incited 900-plus followers to commit suicide by drinking the cyanide-laced [...]

Sydney Allicock to speak at the Sustainable EcoTourism Conference in Monterey, California

SYDNEY ALLICOCK, NORTH RUPUNUNI, GUYANA: UTILIZING TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND SCIENCE FOR CLIMATE ADAPTATION Submitted by The Internation... on Wed, 2012-07-11 10:46 A conservation and research organization in Guyana is teaming [...]

Makushi Fan Dance on YouTube


Rupununi wildlife clubs foster resource management amongst youth

The 18 wildlife clubs of the North Rupununi are vibrant community-based youth clubs that provide members with an opportunity to gain firsthand experience in natural resource management, environmental stewardship and, [...]

TV Shows about tropical mining obscure an environmental disaster

The new reality TV series “Bamazon,” on the History Channel, along with already established shows like “Gold Rush” and “Jungle Gold,” have elevated the global mining bonanza into living-room entertainment. [...]

Guyana Pledges to Protect Jaguars

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — The lushly forested nation of Guyana on Thursday joined a regional pact to protect jaguars, the elusive spotted cat that is the biggest land predator in [...]