6122423541_6d70360fcc_zCommunity tourism in the North Rupununi allows tourism dollars to go directly into communities for development and conservation in the region. All communities own their own lands and manage and administer their own communities through elected Village Councils, so you can be assured that your visit is making a difference.

TOURS: All prices shown are $ USD and reflect best-available group rates. See individual tour descriptions for additional pricing details. We are only able to accept cash payments at the Lodge. Advance reservations are required to guarantee availability of guides and overnight accommodation.

Surama Sampler2 days / 1 nightFrom $209
Surama and Burro Burro2 days / 1 nightFrom $231
Surama Mountain & Burro Burro2 days / 1 nightFrom $265
Mountain and River Experience3 days / 2 nightsFrom $359
Carahaa Landing Adventure3 days / 2 nightsFrom $356
Tiger Pond3 days / 2 nightsFrom $393
Surama Nature Tour4 days / 3 nightsFrom $415
Carahaa Landing Experience4 days / 3 nightsFrom $482
Burro Burro River Adventure4 days / 3 nightsFrom $483
Surama In Depth6 days / 5 nightsFrom $660

SERVICES: All prices shown are $ USD and are subject to change without notice. We are only able to accept cash payments at the Lodge. Transportation costs are shown one-way.
A-La-Carte ServicesCost
Overnight Accommodation
Benab$20 per person
Hammock$7.50 per person
Onsite Services
Laundry Service$(enquire)
Guide Services$(enquire)
to/from Surama airstrip$(enquire)
to/from Iwokrama$(enquire)
to/from Canopy Walkway$(enquire)
to/from Bina Hill$(enquire)
to/from Rock View Lodge$(enquire)