“An Amerindian paradise under the stars!!!!”
Immasu – Georgetown, Guyana

Wildlife and Birding


Within the range of Surama Village are found healthy populations of giant river otters, jaguar, giant anaconda, tapir, capybara and four species of monkey. Our guides have a lifetime of observing and identifying the wildlife within these forests, and guests are very likely to observe the myriad animals they have come to see and photograph.

Surama  has one of the pre-eminent bird guides in all Guyana on its staff. Over 500 species of birds, 72 species endemic to the Guianan Shield, are found in the forest adjacent to Surama Village Eco-Lodge.  With so many different species available and outstanding guides on staff our guests’ chances of seeing birds on their life list are greatly increased. Our location, where the forest merges into the savannah, is the perfect place to see birds endemic to both habitats.